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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Thoughts about gear ......... where is canon ??

I've had my gear - canon 550d + a bunch of lenses - for a while now since 2010. It served me well and ushered me into my photography hobby.

I do feel it is time for me to invest in some kind of upgrade - due to the following reasons:

  1. The body is quite old and outdated
  2. I find myself not wanting to carry around such a heavy setup - especially in casual settings like going out for a coffee or strolling around town.
  3. Most of my photography is done around people, in malls, in the street, in coffee shops, and the DSLR makes people uncomfortable and wary. Many malls will not even let you in with it, and certainly not allow you to take pictures. Small and discreet seems to be the best way to go.
  4. I find myself doing allot of night photography - and my gear does not seem to cater to that.
  5. All the newer types of cameras - especially the smaller lighter mirror-less options seem to be much more advanced then my 550d - especially all in in camera filters and features. The 550d is very basic.

I recently purchased a new P&S camera (our old canon G11 died) and i went for the Fuji X30.

WOW - a small camera - with a VF, a fast 28-112 lens f/2 - 2.8 - with a bunch of in camera fantastic options. And the image quality - is simply amazing - even though at the end of the day the small sensor cannot produce DSLR quality pictures - it comes mighty close.

I had regarded the mirror-less cameras as "toys" - but started to research and compare the better ones to DSLR's. The web is full of such comparisons of say the Fuji Xt-1 or EX-2 being compared with the Canon 7d or even 6d.

Fuji in particular seems to be a fascinating system - as they went and produced a whole line of brand new high quality primes - for their X line of interchangeable lens cameras.

Canon has not produced ANYTHING interesting as far as primes for the crop sensor bodies.

Here I am - owning a slew of canon lenses, but for me to really jump ahead as far as IQ - I would need to purchase a FF camera + FF zoom lenses - a very expensive heavy bulky setup - that I would probably never really want to shlepp around ! And even the 6d - as far as in camera options - does not have anything near the slew of options found in the new fuji, panasonic, sony, or olympus cameras!

Canon seems to have a "gap" - and not catering to the advanced hobbyist ! I want to super high quality crop body, with matching crop lenses, in a rebel size package!

The new rebels t6i/s are more puzzling to me. They are more of the same as far as basic IQ of rebels, have even more slightly larger bulky bodies, tiny optical VF (crummy ?) - who are these aimed at - in todays world of smaller high quality options from the competition ?

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Samyang 85mm

 All of these where shot wide open. Esti is florescent light - the others window light.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Thoughts on gear..

The photography marketplace is swarming with new gear and systems!

Some of the known items would be FUJI's new X series with the X bodies such as the X-PRO1 and the line of X lenses both prime and zoom. Additionally OLYMPUS's new bodies OMD and their coinciding lenses.

As a CANON shooter - I have got to say that I feel a little left out. I shoot my T2i and are mostly interested in stills. I feel my existing lenses are more then enough including my CANON 15-85, 35L , 100 MacroL, Tamron 17-50 NON VC, Samyang 14mm MF + 85mm 1.4 MF, and the LOVELY CANON 50mm 1.4.

So what about a body upgrade ?

Well the 5d3 is way out of my budget. The 60d and now 70d - from a stills perceptive - just seem more of the same.

Hmm.. we have the new 6D ! Well - I borrowed one from a friend and put it through its paces for 2-3 days both as a walk around and for portraits - the 2 things I do most.

Tell you the truth - for almost all situations the 6d upgrade would not overall improve my hobby experience and or produce better pictures. Sure you could see a -slight- overall improvement with the 6D - but in good light and on the move in the streets - or in a controlled portrait home studio style environment - not something I could justify 2 grand on for the body and grip.

As a hobbyist the rebel series body + a grip are just fine for me. The grip overall made a huge difference for me, as it allows better overall balance on the lens camera combination, gives me much more battery life, and allows for easy verticals.

I would like to see some kind of real jump in stills IQ for the crop bodies. People want smaller and lighter - and I feel the crop bodies are overall the way for CANON to go for mass production cameras.

The FF bodies and expensive FF lenses - are always going to have a place for working pros. But as someone who tends to take 3-4 hour photo walks - I will always opt for smaller and lighter.